Welcome to ePlating. We specialise in the supply of electro
plating kits for restorers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Our plating kits are ideal for any project where plating is required; such as classic car and motorbike restoration, to protect and enhance components, as well as gold and silver plating of jewellery, accessories and other decorative items.

Electro plating is a technique used to cover a surface with a metallic plate to get a desired effect. Plating also acts as a protection against corrosion.





Quality Products

Based on the commercial electroplating system we use for our own restoration projects, here at ePlating, we produce kits that give professional results for the DIY enthusiast. These kits make it practical to also restore and protect the myriad of smaller parts that are often left unloved during a restoration project because of the expense involved. With care and advice where needed, any DIY enthusiast or restorer using one of our kits can produce quality results.

We supply a large range of electro plating kits including replica chrome, zinc, nickel, gold , silver, copper and anodizing kits.  We also supply brush plating kits which are essential for the plating of smaller items which require delicate hand application and detailing, including, Gold,  Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel and Zinc. In addition, we supply plating accessories, chemicals, cleaning kits and anodes.



What We Are About

We have a wealth of knowledge in the electro plating industry and can provide expert advice as required. Why not look at some of our How To Guides if you require further information on the processes involved.

Our business is based in  East Devon, England, and we ship to the UK and most countries internationally. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and have built up a well-respected reputation in the electro plating industry.

When buying from us you can be assured that the kits are a high quality and will give your project a professional finish. Visit our online shop to view the numerous plating kits, accessories and chemicals that we supply.