Plating anodes are essential items required for all electroplating projects.

The method of electroplating metal involves the immersion of the object to be plated in a bath containing an anode. The anodes are  made from the metal that is to be plated onto the object. The object to be plated acts as the cathode.

The bath is filled with a chemical solution, the electrolyte, needed to obtain the desired plating result. When voltage is applied to the anode an electrolytic cell is produced. The cathodes electromagnetic field is negative, therefore, the cathode, also known as the object to be plated, attracts the metal ions that are formed in the solution because they gain electrons and metal ions are deposited onto the cathode surface, resulting in the object being coated in the desired metal composition. It is not possible to perform the electroplating process without the use of anodes.

The electroplating anodes we stock are high quality components and will help you obtain optimum results for all your electro plating restorations and projects. Anodes are included in all our complete electro plating kits but because the anodes are used up over time, it is necessary to purchase additional anodes when required.

Nuts & Bolts

Classic Plating supply a variety of anodes to be used in electro plating projects. All of our electro plating kits come with the required anodes as standard.  As an additional option we stock and supply electroplating anodes individually. Anodes available to buy online as individual sets include:


Copper Anodes

Zinc Anodes

Steel Anodes

If you require further information regarding what anodes you require for your project, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service that we provide. We are always eager to help advise upon any aspect of your electro plating project.