Electro Plating Cleaning Chemicals are essential requirement for the preparation of all Electro plating projects

Before you embark on your electro plating project it is essential that all materials to be plated are thoroughly prepared in order to achieve the best possible professional results. Cleaning of components before plating is the first step in ensuring your plating project is a success.

We stock and supply many electro plating cleaning chemicals to assist you with your project or restoration. View the range we offer below:

Electrolytic Cleaning System

The Electrolytic metal cleaning system is a must for any restorer. It will easily remove rust, paint and grease from any metal parts, without the need to resort to wire brush, sand blaster or highly corrosive chemicals and it is easy on the parts. It is so easy that you have to see it to believe it. Setting up is easy with the comprehensive instruction guide included with each cleaning product. In addition, we have set up a simple to follow user guide to show the steps involved and the obtainable results. Please visit our How to Guides page for more information.

Alkaline Degreaser / Soak Cleaner

Our Alkaline degreaser / soak cleaner is a blend of cleaners that has a variety of metal finishing uses. It is usually used as a cleaner to remove light oils and grease, oxides and smuts. It is also used as part of the pre-plating cleaning process and as such, is used before the acid pickle.

Zinc Chems

Chrome Stripper


Chrome stripper is used to remove the chrome plating over nickel on steel, iron, copper, brass, zinc and white metals. It should not be used on aluminium, or aluminium alloys. The system enables stripping of chrome without the use of powerful acids. The Chrome stripper is very cost effective and strips chrome within a few minutes.

Nickel Stripper

Nickel stripper can be used on steel, iron, copper, brass, zinc and white metals. The system enables stripping of Nickel without the use of powerful acids.  The Nickel stripper is very cost effective and strips Nickel within 30 – 60 minutes.

Passivate Black

Acid Pickle / Dry Acid Salts

Acid Pickle and dry acid salts easily dissolve in water to produce a balanced acidic solution used in a wide variety of metal finishing operations.


Treatment with Zincate is a pre-process that allows Aluminium to be safely plated with Zinc oxide. This in turn is removed and replaced with Nickel when the piece is plated in the Nickel tank. This can then be plated with any of our Nickel, Replica Chrome or Copper plating kits.