Classic Plating are proud to offer our customers a range of electro plating accessories

We recognise, as plating enthusiasts ourselves, that additional items or replacement items may be needed for electro plating and brush plating projects and restorations alike. That is why, here at Classic Plating, we are a one stop shop for all your metal and brush plating accessory needs. We stock a range of electro plating accessories that are essential for all electro plating projects.

To offer guidance as to what items are required for both the electroplating method of electro plating and brush plating techniques, we have summarised the items required. Many of the items listed below will be provided in our kits as standard, depending on the type of kit you require.

Accessories Required for Electro Plating:

All of our kits contain everything you require to successfully electroplate. However as your projects become more ambitious you may wish upgrade your operation. Generally, for the plating of larger objects, as opposed to smaller delicate items that you may wish to brush plate, you will require the following items for your plating project.  A plating tank or plating bath, will be required. The tank can vary in size, depending on the size of the object you wish to plate.  The size and scale of your plating project is only limited by the size of your plating bath.  A large plating bath makes it possible to plate larger objects.  If you only need to plate small components, then a small plating tank will suffice.

Other essential accessories for your plating project include plating chemicals (dependent on the type of metal you wish to plate with), including essential cleaning chemicals and pickles. In addition, you will need to use the correct anodes for your chosen plating project, titanium wire connectors to attach the anodes to, a variable current controller, with 12volt DC power supply, gloves, and safety goggles. Depending on the type of electro plating method you have in mind, you may also need a multimeter, air pump, air stone and tubing. If you are keen to electroplate larger objects, bath heaters are required to obtain the optimum temperature to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

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Accessories required for Brush Plating:

Brush plating does not require as many accessories as the electro plating method, however, brush plating is a method only to be used for plating of delicate smaller items and will not be suitable for plating larger objects.  If you are in doubt then please call our helpline or contact us via the contact form and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

To successfully brush plate an object you will require all the relevant brush plating chemicals including preparatory cleaners and plating solution. Specialised brush plating pens and brushes will be needed in order to apply the metal coating to the object, it is also a good idea to have spare brush nibs and heads. A cleaning brush and cleaning swabs are useful and a cup with sealable lid is required in which to create the electro plating solution.  A variable DC voltage supply is essential, as are rubber gloves and protective clothing.  Finally, a jeweller’s polishing cloth impregnated with jewellers rouge is needed to attain professional looking results.

Classic Plating sell many plating accessories online. To view our range please visit our online shop.  If you require an item that is not listed, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you in any way we can.